Ankle pain is a common problem, but it can disrupt your life significantly. As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Dominique Nickson provides diagnosis and treatment to patients with ankle pain in McKinney, Texas, and surrounding areas including Frisco, Allen, Plano and Prosper, Texas. Patients struggling with this condition should contact Next Step Orthopedics to make an appointment with Dr. Nickson.

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What causes ankle pain?

The ankle is composed of a complicated network of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Ankle pain may occur whenever 1 or more of these components sustains an injury. Some of the most common causes of ankle pain include:

  • Sprains or strains – Sprains and strains occur when a patient’s movement puts too much pressure or stress on the ankle.
  • Plantar fasciitis – Plantar fasciitis occurs when the ligament at the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed.
  • Posterior tibial tendinitis – The posterior tibial tendon runs from the ankle to the inner foot. When this tendon becomes inflamed, the patient has posterior tibial tendinitis. Chronic posterior tibial tendinitis may lead to a fallen arch or flat foot.
  • Ankle arthritis – Arthritis is a common condition that can affect the ankle joint, causing pain and other symptoms.
  • Ankle fracture – Ankle fracture occurs when the patient breaks 1 of the bones in the ankle.
  • Ankle instability – Chronic ankle instability develops when the ligaments and tendons in the ankle become stretched or torn, which makes the ankle more prone to injury.

What are the symptoms of an ankle problem?

The most common symptoms of a problem in the ankle are pain, redness, swelling, and warmth. In many cases, this pain will become more intense when the patient moves the ankle or attempts to bear weight on the ankle.

Because the symptoms of various ankle problems can be similar, patients need an experienced diagnostician. Dr. Nickson can evaluate the patient carefully and determine which specific issues are contributing to their pain.

How does Dr. Nickson diagnose the cause of ankle pain?

Dr. Nickson diagnoses ankle pain by examining the ankle, making note of the patient’s symptoms, and ordering tests to view the ankle’s internal structures, such as an X-ray.

How does Dr. Nickson treat ankle pain?

Some cases of ankle pain may improve with rest and ice. Patients may need to wear a brace, boot or a cast while their ankle heals. They may also need to participate in physical therapy. However, if conservative treatments aren’t sufficient, Dr. Nickson may recommend surgery. Dr. Nickson will explain each of the treatment options available in detail, paying special attention to the advantages and disadvantages.