Chronic foot pain caused by bunions or hammertoes can bring your life to a screeching halt. At Next Step Orthopedics in McKinney, Texas, Dominique Nickson, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, expertly corrects crippling foot pain to restore your mobility. Take a step in the right direction and call Dr. Nickson or schedule an appointment online today.

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What are bunions?

A bunion is a bulge in the joint at the base of your big toe resulting from a misalignment that causes the big toe to lean into the neighboring toes. The out-of-shape joint receives extra pressure as you walk and can create calluses from rubbing against the inside of your shoe, translating to pain every time you take a step.

What are hammertoes?

Because bunions cause the big toe to crowd the toes next to it, bunions can lead to hammertoes, which affect your three middle toes, buckling them and keeping them from lying flat and comfortable. Together, bunions and hammertoes can cause a great deal of pain that can stop you in your tracks.

When should I see a doctor about bunions or hammertoes?

If you have foot pain with every step you take, it’s time to call Next Step Orthopedics. Depending on the severity of your bunions and hammertoes, Dr. Nickson may recommend an at-home care plan than includes:

  • Arch supports  
  • More ideal footwear
  • Callus care
  • Modified activity
  • Anti-inflammatory medications

In some cases, bunions and hammertoes can be so severe that they require corrective surgery.

What takes place during bunion and hammertoe surgery?

Bunion and hammertoe surgery is almost always an outpatient procedure. It’s minimally invasive and requires only light anesthetic or sedation.

For the bunion correction, Dr. Nickson surgically realigns your big toe’s protruding joint, alleviating the crowding on the center toes, allowing them to straighten.

With this reduced pressure on the center toes, hammertoe surgery is a simple matter of straightening the buckled toes with new, resected ligaments or shortening of the toe to prevent it from refolding.

What is the recovery from bunion or hammertoe surgery?

After the procedure, Dr. Nickson fits you with a special boot to keep the pressure off of your incision areas.

Recovery time varies depending on the extent of your surgery and your overall health. Most people are healed and walking comfortably within six weeks. If your problem was more complex or more than one toe needed correction, the healing process can take up to three months.  

If you’re suffering from severe pain caused by bunions or hammertoes, call Next Step Orthopedics or book your appointment online today.